LOL烹饪大赛正式开始 5000RP等你来拿

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    LOL烹饪大赛正式开始 5000RP等你来拿


  Time to FEAST!

  Here at Riot, we realized a couple things: we like to laugh, and you want free stuff. This could work out for the both of us. Rioterz often discuss the awe we feel at the creativity of League of Legends fans.

  We hope to entice you to show us more of your awesome ideas, in exchange for Riot Points! Got your attention? Then here’s what you wanna do:

  Decorate your food with a League of Legends theme and take a picture!

  It can be anything, so decorate a cupcake! Bake a cake! Turn your mashed potatoes into a sculpture of Blitzcrank! Surprise us! Play with your food, and send us a picture of what you create.

  Here’s the important stuff:

  The submission must be made of food, and should be mostly edible.

  No photo editing. We want you to actually make this stuff!

  It must be your own work, not something that someone else made.

  Photo must be in JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF format.

  It must be League of Legends themed, whether a champion, map, item or lore.

  We’ll sort through the submissions and look for the most artistic, detailed, creative and hilarious entries, and award five lucky summoners 5000 Riot Points!

  You may submit more than one entry, but can only win once. Submit your entry photo with your summoner name and location (EU or NA) tocontests@riotgames.combefore midnight on August 17th, 2010.

  For the official rules, look right over here, and get cookin’!



  我们Riot明白玩家们即追求乐趣,也喜欢免费赠品。 所以我们设计了一个调动起LOL同人粉丝的创造力, 并能将两者兼得的活动。

  我们希望 你可以和我们分享你的绝秒想法,并获得RP奖励! 有兴趣参加么? 那么这将是你要做的:

  创造出《英雄联盟》主题的美食, 并拍下图片!

  任何食物都可以: 从小松饼到蛋糕, 甚至是土豆泥堆出的机器人(Blitzcrank)塑像! 给我们惊喜! 试炼你的厨艺, 将你的杰作拍下来寄给我们。


  作品必须为食物, 也就是说主体部分必须是可以食用的。

  谢绝PS等图片编辑或是CG, 我们要求这是实际的成品。


  图片格式为JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP 或者 GIF。

  必须为《英雄联盟》主题, 可以是英雄, 地图, 物品, 或英雄故事。

  我们将对提交作品进行分类甄选, 将分别评选出最高艺术, 最具体细致, 最具有创意, 最幽默搞笑美食, 并奖赏这5个作者每人5000RP。

  你可以提交多个作品, 但只能获得一项奖项。 在提交作品时请附带你的召唤师姓名, 服务器所在地(欧服或美服)。


  截止日期: 2010年8月17号